Broad Themes

A. Geology

  1. Geology and geodynamic evolution of Africa
  2. Mineral deposits and ore forming processes
  3. Mineral resources exploration and evaluation
  4. Hydrogeology and Hydro-geochemistry
  5. Geothermal and other energy resources
  6. Geohazards
  7. Development Minerals
  8. Geoparks/ Geo heritage9. Bio Processing

B. Mining

  1. Mining technology, instrumentation
  2. Mineral economics
  3. Mining at depth and Mass Mining
  4. Geo-mechanics
  5. Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining
  6. Gemstones mining
  7. Dewatering
  8. Fighto Mining
  9. Mining Automation

C. Metallurgy and Mineral Processing

  1. Mineral beneficiation
  2. Pyrometallurgy
  3. Hydrometallurgy and Electrometallurgy
  4. Metallurgical accounting
  5. Physical Metallurgy / Materials Science
  6. Iron and Steel Making
  7. Bio Processing

D. Groundwater Resources

  1. Guidelines for allocating groundwater for non-domestic use
  2. Enforcement of regulations on borehole drilling
  3. Pricing of groundwater for different uses
  4. Monitoring as a groundwater development and management tool
  5. Groundwater, rapid urbanization and planning
  6. Groundwater in agriculture
  7. Groundwater in mining
  8. Groundwater resources and climate change
  9. Legal and Regulatory frameworks in groundwater resources development and management
  10. Remote sensing in groundwater exploration

E. Emerging Issues

  1. Mining industry, environment and sustainable development
  2. The African Union’s Mining Vision (2009) and its adaptation (process) by the membercountries
  3. Energy in Mining and Mineral processing
  4. Women in mining – Challenges for sustainability
  5. Legal and Regulatory frameworks in mining and water resources sectors
  6. Remote sensing in mineral and water exploration.
  7. Bio Remediation and Bio Energy

F. Policy

  1. Policy on Value Addition
  2. Legal and Regulatory frameworks in mining and water resources sector
  3. Mineral Taxation

G. Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources

  1. Legal framework
  2. Interaction between the mining industry and host communities
  3. Cooperate Social Responsibility
  4. Community and Occupation Health issues
  5. Environmental Management